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R110,000 Closed Nissan NP200 1.5 DCi A/C SAFETY PACK P/U S/C2019191595CAA129107Woodford Car HireCTDEP2
R119,000 Closed Nissan NP200 1.5 DCi A/C SAFETY PACK P/U S/C2020166490CAA165132STD Bank FleetDBN SPRFD3
R110,000 Closed Hyundai GRAND i10 1.0 MOTION2020141900JJ68WKGPSTD Bank FleetJHB Depot4
R1,850,000 Closed Mercedes V300d EXCLUSIVE202211375NUR83759Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA5
R586,000 Closed Toyota HILUX DCAB 2.4 MAN RAIDER 4X2 (C30)202210317NUR86357Woodford Car HireJHB Depot6
R979,000 Closed Land Rover DISCOVERY 3.0 TD6 S202042000Discovery3045Woodford Car HireDBN SPRFD7
R165,000 Closed Kia PICANTO 1.0 START202113595NUR83914Woodford Car HireCTDEP8
R165,000 Closed Kia PICANTO 1.0 START202117431NUR83921Woodford Car HireCTDEP9
R165,000 Closed Kia PICANTO 1.0 START202121465NUR84459Woodford Car HireCTDEP10
R385,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.0 TSI LIFE202210018ND200913Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA12
R255,000 Closed Kia RIO 1.2 LS 5DR202114237NUR85394Woodford Car HireCTDEP13
R595,000 Closed Volvo S90 D4 MOMENTUM GEARTRONIC202133021JV98DWGPWoodford Car HireCTDEP14
R390,000 Closed Kia SELTOS 1.6 EX MANUAL202219391NUR86189Woodford Car HireJHB Depot15
R385,000 Closed Kia SELTOS 1.6 EX MANUAL202210092NUR87442Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA16
R390,000 Closed Toyota HILUX 2.4D SC H57202210065NUR62516Woodford Car HireJHB Depot17
R390,000 Closed Toyota HILUX 2.4D SC H57202216956NUR59235Woodford Car HireJHB Depot18
R575,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN T-ROC 2.0TSI DESIGN DSG202110052NUR85724Woodford Car HireDBN DT19
R190,000 Closed Toyota AGYA 1.0 A/T202210069NUR87712Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA21
R261,000 Closed Toyota AVANZA 1.5 SX202077388ND881751Woodford Car HireDBN DT22
R297,000 Closed Toyota AVANZA 1.5 SX202151088NUR83864Woodford Car HireDBN SPRFD23
R299,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8 CVT202218713NUR86658Woodford Car HireJHB Depot24
R301,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8 CVT202212685NUR86639Woodford Car HireDBN DT25
R328,000 Closed Toyota URBAN CRUISER 1.5 XS AT202115845NUR84925Woodford Car HireDBN DT26
R311,000 Closed Toyota URBAN CRUISER 1.5 XR202213077NUR51782Woodford Car HireJHB Depot27
R285,000 Closed Toyota URBAN CRUISER 1.5 Xi202214378NUR86854Woodford Car HireJHB Depot28
R277,000 Closed Toyota URBAN CRUISER 1.5 Xi202213264NUR86943Woodford Car HireJHB Depot29
R411,000 Closed GWM P SERIES DCAB 2.0TD SX 4X2 AT202115861NUR83179Woodford Car HireJHB Depot30
R289,000 Closed Toyota RUMION 1.5 SX202210052NUR73789Woodford Car HireCTDEP31
R305,000 Closed Toyota RUMION 1.5 S202213761NUR88168Woodford Car HireDBN DT32
R310,000 Closed Toyota RUMION 1.5 TX202210025TEM1211119Woodford Car HireJHB Depot33
R222,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L Xi202212649NUR35270Woodford Car HireJHB Depot34
R284,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR AT202216150NUR66572Woodford Car HireJHB Depot35
R287,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR AT202212444NUR68989Woodford Car HireJHB Depot36
R195,000 Closed Renault TRIBER 1.0 DYNAMIQUE202210009NUR34655Woodford Car HireDBN DT38
R224,000 Closed Renault KIGER 1.0 ENERGY ZEN202210016NUR85584Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA39
R192,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.6201981500KJM456NWRegistered DealerPretoria41
R190,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO VIVO 1.4 TREND202060500JM30ZWGPRegistered DealerPretoria42
R237,000 Closed BMW 320i A/T (F30)201442000NUR64212Private DealerDurban43
R220,000 Closed Nissan ALMERA 1.5 ACENTA A/T202024500Js73xf gpRegistered DealerJohannesb…44
R425,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VII 2.0 TSI R DSG2016110000073SMSGPRegistered DealerDurban45
R189,000 Closed Kia RIO 1.4 LX 5DR201926800nd141563DRegistered DealerDurban46
R445,000 Closed Mercedes SLK 200201548000DP39YTGPRegistered DealerPretoria47
R125,899 Closed Mini COOPER S2011131893ND479155Registered DealerDurban48
R63,500 Closed Mitsubishi PAJERO iO 1.6 3d2000210000FLX790NRegistered DealerDurban49
R90,000 Closed Daihatsu TERIOS2009121000NDE23523Registered DealerPretoria50
R145,000 Closed Hyundai ATOS 1.1 GLS201949500JH00JRGPRegistered DealerPretoria51
R402,000 Closed Isuzu D-MAX 250 HO X-RIDER D/C P/U201939000NPS15807Registered DealerPretoria52
R340,000 Closed Mercedes A 200 AMG A/T201776000FX26BYGPRegistered DealerPretoria53
R390,000 Closed Mercedes E 250 CGI COUPE201690000HF10TFGPRegistered DealerPretoria54
R115,000 Closed Toyota AYGO 1.0 X- PLAY (5DR)2016102000KCV084MPRegistered DealerPretoria55
R665,000 Closed BMW M4 CONVERTIBLE M-DCT (F83)201475000NT5556Registered DealerPretoria56
R290,000 Closed BMW 220i M SPORT A/T(F22)2015130000HX05YSGPRegistered DealerPretoria57
R55,000 Closed GWM 2.4 HOVER 4X42008190000CTC403LPrivate DealerJohannesb…58
R1,412,000 Closed Land Rover RANGE ROVER SPORT 5.0 V8 SVR (423KW)201754053nd1234Registered DealerCMH NISSA…59
R85,000 Closed Nissan CABSTAR 40L F/C C/C2005238000SRB151GPPrivate DealerDurban60
R240,000 Closed Alfa Romeo GIULIA 2.0T2017105000NUR21835Private DealerDurban61
R228,000 Closed Kia PEGAS 1.4 LX202213581NUR71969Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA62
R447,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 1.4 TSI TRENDLINE DSG (110KW)202049500np56136Registered DealerCMH NISSA…63
R465,000 Closed Mercedes C180 A/T201947409NUR63882Registered DealerCMH NISSA…64
R125,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA 160i GLE200076000LTP749GPRegistered DealerPretoria65
R215,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8M2020112000NOT CONFIRMED...Registered DealerPretoria66
R471,000 Closed Toyota HILUX 2.8 GD-6 RB RAIDER A/T P/U D/C201798000NOT CONFIRMED....Registered DealerPretoria67
R225,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.6202063000NOT CONFIRMED.....Registered DealerPretoria68
R155,000 Closed Nissan NP200 1.6 A/C SAFETY PACK P/U S/C2018111000NOT CONFIRMED......Registered DealerPretoria69
R260,000 Closed Suzuki ERTIGA 1.5 GA20229864451013Registered DealerPretoria70
R260,000 Closed Suzuki ERTIGA 1.5 GA202210026NOT CONFIRMED..Registered DealerPretoria71
R257,500 Closed Hyundai ELANTRA 2.0 ELITE A/T201890100nd616146Registered DealerDurban72
R116,000 Closed Chevrolet CRUZE 1.4T LS201685700nj82767Registered DealerDurban73
R58,500 Closed Hyundai i10 1.2 GLS2009139900nd614991Registered DealerDurban74
R348,000 Closed Suzuki JIMNY 1.5 GLX202210020231Registered DealerDurban75
R420,000 Closed Toyota HILUX 2.4 GD-6 SRX 4X4 A/T P/U D/C2018190000GYY116LRegistered DealerDurban76
R684,000 Closed BMW 320I M SPORT (G20)202121159NUR82778Woodford Car HireJHB Depot77
R823,000 Closed Toyota FORTUNER 2.8GD-6 4X4 A/T202211793NUR76358Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA78
R856,000 Closed Toyota FORTUNER 2.8GD-6 R/B 4X4 A/T VX H51202215201NUR56909Woodford Car HireCTDEP79
R950,000 Closed Mercedes GLB 220d 4MATIC202118241NUR61796Woodford Car HireJHB Depot80
R625,000 Closed Toyota HILUX DCAB 2.4 RAIDER 4X2 AT (H31)202210677NUR86353Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA81
R449,000 Closed GWM P-SERIES 2.0TD DLX 4X4 A/T D/C P/U202116613NUR80505Woodford Car HireJHB Depot82
R165,000 Closed Kia PICANTO 1.0 START202115970NUR84425Woodford Car HireCTDEP85
R165,000 Closed Kia PICANTO 1.0 START202114147NUR84471Woodford Car HireCTDEP87
R165,000 Closed Kia PICANTO 1.0 START202113404NUR84468Woodford Car HireCTDEP88
R165,000 Closed Kia PICANTO 1.0 START202213222NUR86190Woodford Car HireCTDEP89
R1,205,000 Closed Toyota PRADO VX 2.8GD A/T202210043NUR47559Woodford Car HireDBN DT90
R398,000 Closed Kia SELTOS 1.6 EX AT202210335NUR70507Woodford Car HireCTDEP91
R379,000 Closed Kia SELTOS 1.6 EX MANUAL202212452NUR86188Woodford Car HireJHB Depot92
R222,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L Xi202211176NUR47138Woodford Car HireJHB Depot93
R219,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L Xi202210487NUR61434Woodford Car HireDBN DT94
R218,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L Xi202211517NUR87629Woodford Car HireCTDEP95
R222,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L Xi202212668NUR84407Woodford Car HireJHB Depot96
R222,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L Xi202214370NUR60932Woodford Car HireJHB Depot97
R257,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR202118591NUR83526Woodford Car HireJHB Depot98
R252,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR202115865NUR84066Woodford Car HireJHB Depot99
R274,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR AT202116337NUR83992Woodford Car HireJHB Depot100
R248,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XS AT202210525NUR73544Woodford Car HireJHB Depot101
R369,000 Closed JAC T8 1.9 TDI 4X2 LUX MAN202210599NUR40356Woodford Car HireDBN DT102
R580,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN T6.1 TRANSPORTER CREWBUS 2.0TDi 81KW LWB (10 SEAT)202134699NUR61665Woodford Car HireCTDEP103
R579,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN T6.1 TRANSPORTER CREWBUS 2.0TDi 81KW LWB (10 SEAT)202140519NUR78170Woodford Car HireDBN SPRFD104
R278,000 Closed Toyota URBAN CRUISER 1.5 Xi202210041NUR75811Woodford Car HireJHB Depot105
R313,000 Closed Toyota URBAN CRUISER 1.5 XS AT202112088NUR60669Woodford Car HireDBN DT106
R278,000 Closed Toyota URBAN CRUISER 1.5 Xi202215372NUR85978Woodford Car HireCTDEP107
R240,000 Closed Ford RANGER 2.2TDCi L/R P/U S/C201989000Nd465669Private DealerDurban108
R262,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8M202148500NUR57220Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA109
R266,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8M202130500NUR56045Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA110
R207,000 Closed Renault KIGER 1.0 ENERGY LIFE202210500NUR88811Woodford Car HireDBN DT111
R297,000 Closed Toyota URBAN CRUISER 1.5 XR202111500NUR80475Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA112
R271,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR AT202110784NUR52837Woodford Car HireDBN DT113
R900,000 Closed Toyota LANDCRUISER 76 4.5D V8 S/W201950000HX04GZGPRegistered DealerGermiston114
R480,000 Closed GWM P-SERIES 2.0TD LS A/T D/C P/U202111000KH37VFGPRegistered DealerGermiston115
R215,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO VIVO 1.4 TREND202127600023882Registered DealerDurban116
R335,000 Closed Ford FIGO FREESTYLE 1.5Ti VCT TITANIUM 5DR20212060023925Registered DealerDurban117
R98,000 Closed Ford ECOSPORT 1.5TDCi TREND201619760023981Registered DealerDurban118
R575,000 Closed Kia SPORTAGE 1.6T GT LINE AWD DCT20211000004167Registered DealerDurban119
R1,340,000 Closed Nissan PATROL 5.6 V8 LE PREMIUM20229100cyr080ncRegistered DealerPretoria120
R265,000 Closed Toyota HILUX 2.4 GD-6 RB SRX P/U S/C2016232000FM80NN-GPRegistered DealerDurban121
R95,000 Closed Audi TT COUPE 1.8T QUATTRO200168000MFL131GPRegistered DealerDurban122
R229,999 Closed Toyota HILUX 2.4 GD-6 RB SRX P/U S/C2016325000GMH196LRegistered DealerDurban123
R265,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VI 2.0 TSI R DSG2012159000HWC224NWRegistered DealerDurban124
R900,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 8 GTi 2.0 TSI DSG20213000G8GTI298Registered DealerPietermar…125
R260,000 Closed Honda WR-V 1.2 COMFORT20213600HONDA0203Registered DealerPietermar…126
R560,000 Closed Lexus IS 350 F SPORT201825000NP34663Registered DealerPietermar…127
R260,000 Closed Honda WR-V 1.2 COMFORT20215300HONDA252Registered DealerPietermar…128
R975,000 Closed Maserati GHIBLI201628230GHIBLI845Registered DealerPietermar…129
R479,000 Closed Land Rover DISCOVERY 2.0D HSE LUX201685121123DJWGPRegistered DealerSecunda130
R285,000 Closed Land Rover DISCOVERY 4 3.0 TD/SD V6 HSE2014190000375HHGPPrivate DealerJohannesb…131
R35,000 Closed Fiat DOBLO CARGO 1.4 F/C P/V2013296395nd756434Private DealerDurban132
R320,000 Closed Hyundai VENUE 1.0 TGDI FLUID DCT202134000Jv70gbgpRegistered DealerJohannesb…133
R215,000 Closed Toyota FORTUNER 3.0D-4D R/B A/T2010278000Nd27289Registered DealerJohannesb…134
R250,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO GP 1.4 COMFORTLINE202127000Kgv415mpRegistered DealerJohannesb…135
R315,000 Closed Mercedes A45 AMG 4MATIC2016148200FJ27WVGPPrivate DealerJohannesb…137
R1,350,000 Closed BMW X6 M (F16)201861000HL55MCGPPrivate DealerDurban138
R340,000 Closed Renault KOLEOS 2.5 DYNAMIQUE CVT 4X4201978679HV76MBGPRegistered DealerJohannesb…139
R205,000 Closed Renault SANDERO 900 T EXPRESSION20212500JX54ZSGPRegistered DealerJohannesb…140
R1,795,000 Closed Land Rover DEFENDER 110 D300 HSE X-DYNAMIC20215800KF35HHGPRegistered DealerJohannesb…141
R255,000 Closed Renault KIGER 1.0 ENERGY ZEN AMT20229654KL69PMGPRegistered DealerJohannesb…142
R215,000 Closed Renault KIGER 1.0 ENERGY LIFE202212000CAA356963Registered DealerJohannesb…143
R830,000 Closed Mercedes C63 AMG S201647000ND1600Registered DealerJohannesb…144
R680,000 Closed BMW X1 sDRIVE18d M-SPORT A/T (F48)202124589ND613757Registered DealerJohannesb…145
R80,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO VIVO 1.4 5Dr2012158000BZ95NCGPRegistered DealerCape Town146
R1,472,500 Closed BMW X5 xDRIVE30d M SPORT (G05)202111100NPN 176Registered DealerDurban147
R347,000 Closed Suzuki JIMNY 1.5 GLX202210020234Registered DealerDurban148
R470,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER 50 2.0TDi 103KW LWB F/C P/V201886000HS35SZGPRegistered DealerDurban150
R1,150,000 Closed Porsche 911 TURBO (997)200855000LLS593Registered DealerDurban152
R310,000 Closed Toyota QUANTUM 2.5 D-4D CREWCAB F/C P/V201956063HW00NCGPRegistered DealerDurban154
R295,000 Closed Kia K 2700 WORKHORSE P/U S/C20227598TEM1194057Woodford Car HireDBN SPRFD156
R1,250,000 Closed Mercedes GLE 300d 4MATIC202048000np36309Registered DealerPietermar…157
R308,000 Closed Isuzu D-MAX 250C S/C P/U202210100HOORASH35Registered DealerPietermar…158
R1,235,000 Closed Jaguar F-PACE 5.0 V8 SVR202042000dan ana znRegistered DealerPinetown159