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How Does It Work?

Register, UPLOAD YOUR VEHICLE'S VIN number, and have all your vehicle's details populated automatically
Add in any additional info, ADD IMAGES, and list any damages and the cost of repairs, if needed
Have all the pricing information, including TRADE VALUE AND MARKET VALUE, presented to you in one view
Decide on a reserve price and SUBMIT YOUR VEHICLE for sale at the next Woodford Bid auction!
Get NOTIFICATIONS on all updates related to the sale
Pay a FLAT ADMIN FEE of R2,500 ex VAT, only when unit is sold

Frequently Asked Questions

Any dealer or private seller can list a vehicle for sale. You only need to register a free account with Woodford Bid.

Any type of motorised vehicle can be listed, including trucks, cars and motorbikes. Runners and non-runners are both accepted.

We accept any vehicles up to 10 years old.

We list the vehicle on our regular weekly auctions, and the highest bidder at the end of the auction will be obligated to purchase the vehicle from you. You can set a reserve price, which is the minimum price at which you're willing to sell, and the vehicle will only be sold if there is a bid that reaches the reserve price.

The likelihood of making a sale depends on the reserve price you choose. We provide a TransUnion® valuation of the vehicle to use as a guide in setting your price. You can set any price above or below this, but high prices are less likely to make a sale.

No, there is no maximum. If there is huge demand for your model, you could secure a sale price much higher than you would on other platforms.

Woodford Bid charges a flat fee of R2,500 ex VAT per unit sold. There are no other fees. Winning bid amounts are VAT inclusive and no additional surcharge or bidding fee is included. There is no fee for an unsold vehicle.

The payment and the transfer of the vehicle are handled directly between you and the winning bidder. If you have a winning bid, we will provide contact details of the bidder and you can arrange payment and transfer directly. The winning bidder will have the responsibility of collecting the vehicle at their own expense.

The winning bidder will have the responsibility of collecting the vehicle at their own expense.

You determine the reserve price on the vehicle, which is the minimum price you'll accept for a sale. You can also choose the price at which bidding will start - setting a lower starting price can sometimes help to create interest. Once the auction starts, you can still edit the reserve and starting price while there are no bids.

At the end of the auction, we will notify you whatever the outcome. If the reserve price was not met, or if there were no bids, you'll have the option to re-list the vehicle, at any price you choose. There is no fee for an unsold vehicle.

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