About Woodford Bid

Woodford Bid is an online auction platform built for the sale of used vehicles from Woodford Car Hire and trusted partners. Woodford Bid allows customers to get direct access to quality vehicles without going through a middleman, meaning great value and savings.

Woodford Bid uses the latest online technologies to ensure price accuracy and reliability, and online transaction security uses SSL-encryption to guarantee the safety of your transactions.

Where are the vehicles sourced?

Woodford Bid vehicle sourcing
Woodford Bid primarily sources vehicles from Woodford Car Hire, acquiring popular vehicle models at low mileage. We also partner with trusted suppliers to give you access to a broader range of options. Each vehicle that we list goes through an extensive assessment, and any damage found is disclosed to you, along with an estimated repair cost.

Woodford Car Hire is South Africa’s largest independent car hire company, serving the market for more than 25 years with a fleet of over 1600 vehicles across three core divisions. Woodford prides itself on the high level of its vehicle maintenance, and online user reviews continually confirm the reliability and cleanliness of our vehicles. All repairs are carried out with accredited service providers.

Woodford Car Hire is BEE compliant and has strong relationships with the tourism industry, government divisions and the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA).

How does online bidding work?

Use Woodford Bid on any device
Each auction has a limited time range. You can view the vehicles ahead of time, but you can only create bids while the auction is live. Bidding is not restricted to office hours.

You'll need to do two things before you bid. Firstly, sign up for a free account and upload the required documentation to verify your identity. Secondly, once you've been approved you can register for an auction and settle the deposit. To make a bid, you can choose between bidding once-off, or setting up an auto-bid, where the system will bid on your behalf up to a price you specify.

At the end of the allotted auction time, the highest bid will secure the vehicle, as long as the reserve price has been met. Any late bids will extend the closing time for each individual vehicle affected. After securing any winning bids, you will receive an invoice and you can collect the vehicles as soon as you've settled with our accounts department.

Ready to start bidding?

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Signing up for a Woodford Bid account is free.

Once you enter your details on the registration form, our admin team will be in touch with you to let you know any additional documentation required, and then you'll be ready to start bidding immediately after your account is approved.

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If you're looking to hire or lease a car, please visit our two other sites: Woodford Car Hire and WhyBuyCars Car Leasing.