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R155,000 Closed Hyundai ATOS 1.1 GLS202117042NUR60036Woodford Car HireCTDEP1
R136,400 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO VIVO 1.4 TREND2018145800HN05HCGPSTD Bank FleetJHB Depot2
R266,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8M202130006NUR77851Woodford Car HireCTDEP4
R261,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8M202128380NUR63506Woodford Car HireCTDEP5
R257,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8M202141423NUR33615Woodford Car HireCTDEP6
R695,000 Closed Toyota HILUX DCAB 2.8 4X4 RAIDER AT H37202113754NUR82153Woodford Car HireJHB ORT7
R147,000 Closed Renault KWID 1.0 DYNAMIQUE 5DR202114729NUR56263Woodford Car HireCTDEP8
R145,000 Closed Renault KWID 1.0 DYNAMIQUE 5DR202125595NUR80748Woodford Car HireCTDEP9
R145,000 Closed Renault KWID 1.0 DYNAMIQUE 5DR202119336NUR25334Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA10
R145,000 Closed Renault KWID 1.0 DYNAMIQUE 5DR202115698NUR80718Woodford Car HireCTDEP11
R451,000 Closed GWM P-SERIES 2.0TD DLX 4X4 A/T D/C P/U202120833NUR75356Woodford Car HireJHB Depot12
R428,000 Closed GWM 2.2 LUX HEARSE P/U S/C2021187961212232Woodford Car HireJHB ORT13
R170,000 Closed Kia PICANTO 1.0 START202119165NUR83908Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA14
R170,000 Closed Kia PICANTO 1.0 START202121465NUR84459Woodford Car HireCTDEP15
R280,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.0 TSI TREND202116738NUR61596Woodford Car HireCTDEP16
R294,000 Closed Toyota RUMION 1.5 SX202116186NUR73081Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA17
R420,000 Closed Kia SELTOS 1.6 EX+ A/T202210323NUR86140Woodford Car HireJHB Depot18
R206,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L Xi202113142NUR76452Woodford Car HireJHB Depot19
R253,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR202113794NUR83520Woodford Car HireJHB Depot20
R252,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR202121771NUR83525Woodford Car HireJHB Depot21
R256,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR202117969NUR83531Woodford Car HireJHB Depot22
R252,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR202111222NUR84061Woodford Car HireDBN KSIA23
R270,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR AT202116437NUR82220Woodford Car HireJHB Depot24
R269,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR AT202114074NUR82218Woodford Car HireDBN DT25
R267,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR AT202115958NUR83978Woodford Car HireJHB Depot26
R264,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XR AT202114164NUR83985Woodford Car HireJHB Depot27
R299,000 Closed AAD AAD202113958NUR84674Woodford Car HireJHB Depot28
R289,000 Closed Toyota URBAN CRUISER 1.5 XS202117884NUR84694Woodford Car HireJHB Depot29
R142,000 Closed Suzuki SWIFT 1.2 GL A/T201760000HB43PKGPRegistered DealerJohannesb…30
R70,000 Closed BMW 320i (E90)2008143000NP123639Private DealerDurban31
R630,000 Closed BMW 320i M SPORT LAUNCH EDITION A/T (G20)202027254JL19HPGPRegistered DealerJohannesb…32
R580,000 Closed Jaguar F-PACE 3.0 V6 S/C AWD R-SPORT201658658FK71HYGPRegistered DealerJohannesb…33
R1,010,000 Closed Mercedes AMG CLA35 4MATIC202010215FRL066LRegistered DealerJohannesb…34
R45,000 Closed Renault TWINGO 1.2 DYNAMIQUE2008262091XTM450GPRegistered DealerDurban35
R125,000 Closed Land Rover RANGE ROVER SPORT 4.2 V8 SC2006264000ZBC073GPRegistered DealerDurban36
R424,000 Closed Nissan X TRAIL 2.5 ACENTA PLUS 4X4 CVT 7S202018000ND662214Registered DealerSecunda37
R142,000 Closed Renault KWID 1.0 DYNAMIQUE 5DR20202000015246Registered DealerPietermar…38
R305,000 Closed Isuzu D-MAX 250C S/C P/U2022300Hoorash/MaxRegistered DealerPietermar…39
R140,000 Closed Mercedes CLS 3502007195000CX14199Registered DealerDurban40
R70,000 Closed Fiat QUBO 1.3D MULTI JET2013179600CAA32803Registered DealerDurban41
R219,990 Closed BMW 320i (F30)2013151000ND3977141Registered DealerDurban42
R209,990 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO GTi 1.4TSi DSG2014137000ND113935Registered DealerDurban43
R124,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA 1.6 ESTEEM2014177000HW00YTGPRegistered DealerPietermar…44
R164,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA 1.6 PRESTIGE2018260000hh08phgpRegistered DealerPietermar…45
R225,000 Closed Toyota HILUX 2.5 D-4D VNT 106KW R/B P/U D/C2014324000NP 179-121Registered DealerPietermar…46
R75,000 Closed Nissan MICRA 1.2 VISIA+ AUDIO 5DR (D86V)2014126441CY14YMGPRegistered DealerDurban47
R68,000 Closed Nissan MURANO (L20/21/22)2006187000TZD346GPRegistered DealerDurban48
R520,000 Closed Mercedes GLE 400 4MATIC2016107000ND102659Registered DealerDurban49
R353,000 Closed Isuzu D-MAX 250 HO FLEETSIDE SAFETY S/C P/U2022288SAFETY/HOORASHRegistered DealerPietermar…50
R165,000 Closed BMW 320i LUXURY LINE A/T (F30)2012100000Jasche-zn.Private DealerDurban51
R350,000 Closed Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE 3.0L V6 CRD O/LAND2015150000NRB 64893Private DealerDurban53
R85,000 Closed JMC BOARDING 2.8TD S/C P/U2016115000NUR79940Private DealerDurban54
R322,000 Closed Isuzu D-MAX 250C FLEETSIDE S/C P/U2022300ISUZU258Registered DealerJohannesb…55
R325,000 Closed Toyota DYNA 150 C/C201961300ND215496.Private DealerDurban56
R755,500 Closed Ford RANGER 2.0D BI-TURBO WILDTRAK A/T P/U D/C20223400FORD123Registered DealerJohannesb…57
R198,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA 1.6 PRESTIGE CVT201684500ND496964Private DealerDurban58
R299,000 Closed Toyota HILUX 2.0 VVTI SC C03202111212NUR83572Woodford Car HireDBN DT59
R260,000 Closed BMW 120d 5DR A/T (F20)201659000XFK080WPrivate DealerJohannesb…60
R165,000 Closed Toyota DYNA 4-093 F/lift 1.5 TON F/C P/V2015219000CAM4493Private DealerCape Town61
R256,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8M202125701ND730356Woodford Car HireDBN DT62
R90,000 Closed Renault KWID 1.0 DYNAMIQUE 5DR201939048ND707132Woodford Car HireDBN DT63
R216,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO VIVO 1.4 TREND202118375ND652132Woodford Car HireCTDEP64
R270,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8 CVT202115523NUR83926Woodford Car HireCTDEP65
R472,000 Closed Toyota RAV4 2.0 GX CVT202113000KGH365MPRegistered DealerSecunda66
R645,000 Closed Mercedes GLE 350d 4MATIC201683000XFB566WRegistered DealerSecunda67
R480,000 Closed Toyota RAV4 2.0 GX CVT202110000KD35SPGPRegistered DealerSecunda68
R291,000 Closed Toyota AVANZA 1.5 SX202125000CAA 228 162Registered DealerJohannesb…70
R263,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.0 TSI TREND202132000Jw54whgpRegistered DealerJohannesb…72
R260,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8 EXCLUSIVE202029000Nd373952Registered DealerJohannesb…73
R330,000 Closed BMW X1 sDRIVE20d A/T (F48)2018140000NU20170Registered DealerJohannesb…74
R258,000 Closed Audi A3 1.4T FSI S STRONIC2017103133KMB192MPRegistered DealerSecunda75
R552,000 Closed Audi Q2 1.4T FSI STRONIC (35 TFSI)20218111KJZ780GPRegistered DealerSecunda76
R670,000 Closed Mercedes A200 PROGRESSIVE (4DR)20222500KMB233MPRegistered DealerSecunda77
R359,000 Closed Mercedes B200 A/T (W247)201729000ND 337067Registered DealerPietermar…78
R209,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO VIVO 1.4 TREND202129500Jw43wcgpRegistered DealerJohannesb…79
R950,000 Closed Toyota LANDCRUISER 200 V8 4.5D VX A/T2015107000CFM87190Private DealerDurban80
R130,000 Closed VOLKSWAGEN POLO GP 1.2 TSI HIGHLINE (81KW)2017106000JNF301MP.Registered DealerPretoria81
R219,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA 1.4D PRESTIGE201846000GWY590LRegistered DealerHartswater82
R272,000 Closed Toyota COROLLA QUEST 1.8 CVT202113982NUR83262Woodford Car HireJHB Depot83
R204,500 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L Xi20201500032590Registered DealerPietermar…84
R166,000 Closed Renault SANDERO 900 T EXPRESSION20203050032779Registered DealerPietermar…85
R200,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L Xi20214160032771Registered DealerPietermar…86
R115,000 Closed Renault SANDERO 900T STEPWAY EXPRESSION201754000ND 250558Private DealerDurban87
R229,000 Closed Toyota STARLET 1.4L XS AT202118277NUR82279Woodford Car HireJHB Depot88