Help: Required Documents

Required Documentation

Before you can make bids for vehicles on Woodford Bid, you'll need to provide supporting documentation to have your account approved. You'll also need to resubmit the relevant documentation if you need to change the details on your account. The required documents will differ depending on whether you register as a dealer or as a private customer - you should submit whatever is indicated to you on the screen.

Submitting Documentation

After you've created a new account and then logged in, you will reach a page on the website to submit documentation. Read through the required documents list and the description for each document, and ensure that you have documents ready to fulfil the requirements.

How To Upload A Document

You can upload documents from any device on which you are accessing the Woodford Bid website, including mobile or laptop. You'll need the documents to be stored on that device. If your document was sent to you via email or downloaded from another website or copied from a USB drive, then you're ready to go. However, if your document is in physical form such as a paper printout or an ID book, you'll need to scan it. Many modern printers have an option to scan a document, and you can also take your document to a shop like PostNet which provides a cheap scanning service where they'll send it to your email address or save it onto a USB drive you provide.

We recommend uploading documents in PDF format where possible, especially if they were created in Microsoft Word.

When you're on the webpage for submitting a document, look for the section titled Upload Document. Click on the "Browse" button to find the file that you've stored on your device. You should add a description if it isn't immediately obvious how your uploaded document satisfies requirements, especially if the file name isn't clear.

Once you've uploaded all the required documents, you'll see them listed at the bottom. Click on the button "Submit All Documents", after which your account will go into a pending state while staff process your application. Please allow for a few days for this to be completed.

Processing Your Application

Once you've uploaded required documentation, your account will be put on hold until staff have processed your application. You won't be able to bid on vehicles. If the documentation is in order, you will receive an email indicating that your account is approved. You might otherwise be asked to send additional documents that are still missing, or resubmit a document that didn't meet requirements. In some cases, account applications can be rejected for a variety of reasons - you may have a duplicate account, or there may be a suspicion of fraud. If your account has been rejected you can request further clarification.

Updating Your Details

If you are updating personal details that were confirmed with supporting documentation, you will need to resubmit documentation that supports the change. Proceed as normal with updating these details via the My Account section on the website, and check if you are asked to provide documentation. If in doubt, please contact us for further clarification.

Document Privacy

All documents you upload to our website are stored on our secure servers in digital format. For legal and auditing purposes we are required to store these documents for the requisite number of years. The technology we use to store these documents is industry-standard and nobody can access them without the right security clearance. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

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